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Online Event - 網上活動

教師文憑面試簡介 + 如何解除文化隔膜

Becoming a Teacher in the UK

Becoming a Teacher in the UK: Crack the PGCE Interview & Overcome Cultural Barriers
In this one-hour seminar, a current PGCE student/trainee teacher will talk you through the qualifying process for teachers in the UK (via PGCE or overseas qualification conversion). Drawing from the speaker’s experience as a trainee teacher (secondary school, music) at different schools in Warwickshire, the audience will also be given an overview of classroom culture in the UK, and tips on how to overcome cultural barriers and be more confident in expressing themselves in English. The seminar includes a short Q&A session.
25th February 2022 (Friday), 20:00-21:00 (UK Time)
Venue:Online, via Google Meet
Speaker: Tatiana (Current PGCE student at University of Warwick/Trainee Teacher)
About the Speaker:Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Master of Arts in Music Education, University of York; Experienced cellist and music instructor  
Registration:Google Form
Enquiry :Timothy Cheung (Hongkongers in Britain’s Scotland Outreach Coordinator )

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Online Event - 網上活動

🩺「踏腳石 - 醫護復康的爸爸」網上分享會👨‍⚕️
“Stepping Stone” - Fathers working in Medical & Rehabilitation fields

Date : 19/2/2022(Sat) 10:00-11:00am GMT (HK 6:00-7:00pm)
Format : online sharing
Content : “start from the beginning “ - work as a support worker or warehouse worker, way to be a nurse assistant, way out for the rehabilitation professionals
Language: Cantonese only
Host : Jonathan (Regional Outreach Coordinator)
           Wilson (pastor)
Guest Speakers :
James - geriatric occupational therapist in HK, now working as a support worker
Jonathan - paediatric occupational therapist in HK, worked as picker-packer in Boots and now working as a child & youth care home worker
Danny - registered nurse specialty in HK, now working as a nurse assistant in NHS
Fee : free
Participant : Hongkongers migrated or intend to migrate to East Midlands
Quota : 130
Deadline : 17/2/2022(Thur) 23:59 GMT

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Online Event - 網上活動

📪【Royal Mail網上分享會】✉️

如何入職 Royal Mail,做郵差的苦與樂,怎樣考到筆試,收入幾多 …
Sam 黎英國前,喺香港做咗企業公關超過十年,有感香港生活驟變,毅然放棄
高薪厚職,勇闖英倫開展人生新一頁 …
12 February 2022 , 08:00 p.m. – 09:00 p.m. UTC
嘉賓主持Adrian Leung
立即報名 📣費用全免❗️
主辦機構 : 英國港僑協會

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Learning Course - 學習課程

窩靈頓 英語課程學習講座

English Learning for Hongkongers in Warrington Seminar

English Learning for Hongkongers in Warrington Seminar
Want to improve your English conversation skills and be able to communicate with locals more smoothly and easily? Not sure where to sign up for free English class? We hear your voice!
Hongkongers in Britain invited the co-director and class teachers from Cheshire Language Academy to introduce the ESOL course. Come and meet them and you can sign up for free English assessment and classes at the same time.
English classes are sponsored by Warrington Borough Council to help and support Hongkongers relocating to Warrington. Free classes are limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.
Date: 24th February, Thursday
Time: 11:00-13:00
Location: 67 Bewsey Street, Warrington, WA2 7JQ
Parking: Part of Bewsey Street has 2-hour free parking but please check the signs.
Course: Full level courses begin from Monday 7th March, total 15-week course at all levels. Twice a week for 2 hour classes. Other free workshops covering conversation, listening and grammar.
For enquiry please e-mail:

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Online Event - 網上活動

Getting to know more about the life in the UK - Being A Teacher

Wish to continue your career as a teacher in the UK, but don’t know where to start? What preparation is needed?
As a parent, are you worried about the adaptation of your children in a new environment? Got questions about schools in the UK?
Hongkongers in Britain (Southeast England) invited a Hongkongese secondary school teacher to share his personal experience in his journey transitioning from HK to the UK, Also, to share his understanding and observation on the cultural difference in the education system between two countries , the adaptation of
Hongkongese students and the common challenges they faced.
日期 Date:17/2(星期四 Thursday)
時間 Time:13:00-14:30(英國時間)
講者 Speaker:Fred
About the speaker: Currently working in a UK secondary school as a teacher,
Hongkonger in the UK
語言 Language:廣東話 Cantonese
名額 Capacity:100位,先到先得. 100, First Come First Serve
查詢 Enquiry:Joash Lee 地區外展主任 (英格蘭東南)

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